Swett & Crawford 

As a premier wholesale insurance broker, Swett & Crawford has long been recognized as a "broker of choice" by thousands of retail agents. Our national presence provides you and your clients a high level of market clout, which is especially valuable with hard-to-place risks. The experience, expertise and product knowledge of Swett & Crawford is best demonstrated by our key product and coverage specializations. These specializations include:

   Property Insurance 

Swett & Crawford is well-known throughout the industry for its access to a wide range of competitive, secure property markets. We provide both primary and excess coverages, as well as protection for inland marine exposures. We place all risk, and/or DIC (including catastrophe perils) for all types of corporate and industrial organizations with domestic and international, admitted and non-admitted markets rated "A" or better.

   Liability Insurance

Covers accidental bodily injury or property damage that results from either a condition on the insured's premises or the insured's operation in progress, whether on or away from the insured's premises. Swett & Crawford also provides liability coverage for accidental bodily injury or property damage, including those caused by goods the insured has manufactured, assembled, sold, or work the insured has done.

   Transportation Insurance

Swett & Crawford is highly dedicated to providing superior coverage for transportation exposures, such as: trucks, tractor/trailers, limousines, dump trucks, shuttle buses, and other commercial vehicles. Both brokerage and underwriting services are available. We have a transportation group consisting of a national network of underwriting units dedicated solely to commercial auto accounts.

   Aviation Insurance