Medical Tourists/Travelers

Medical Complications are always a possibility, regardless of where in the world your treatment is provided. By selecting a medical tour procedure abroad, you have chosen to accept the risk of medical complications without the security of insurance coverage.


Bordercross WorldwideSM Medical Procedure Insurance

It is the first plan of its type to address the unique needs of a Medical Tourist. Specifically, how will complications after my treatment be paid for abroad or once I return home and how will my financial investment be protected? Bordercross WorldwideSM provides answers to these questions and more.

• Medical Complications Coverage up to US $50,000, while you are abroad and when you return home

• Up to $40,000 in trip cancellation coverage for you and your traveling companion for travel accommodations, including non-refundable expenses paid to the medical facility scheduled to perform the procedure, in the event you need to cancel your trip prior to your scheduled departure date

• Up to $100,000 in medical evacuation coverage

• $50,000 of Medical Coverage for acute illness and injuries for you and your traveling companion, which may arise on your medical tour

• Coverage Worldwide Including the United States

• Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London

• Administrated by Seven Corners, providing international medical coverage since 1993
*See our Bordercross WorldwideSM Brochure for full details and restrictions

Medical Tour Providers

Find out how you can offer Medical Tour Insurance coverage to your clients.

Seven Corners has been a leader in providing international medical and trip insurance plans to people around the globe for over 15 years. Seven Corners is proud to provide the Medical Tour and Travel industry with the first comprehensive insurance plan for medical tourist, Bordercross WorldwideSM Medical Procedure Insurance.

*See our Medical Tourism Brochure for full details and information.