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Axess Pacific Insurance is one of the industry's most experienced international travel health insurance and trip cancellation insurance providers. For more than 15 years, we have served U.S. citizens traveling abroad and foreign nationals visiting the United States. In addition to individuals and groups, we also provide insurance programs, benefit management and health care administration to government agencies and corporate employers.

International Travel Medical Insurance

International travel medical insurance is designed for U.S. citizens traveling overseas or foreign nationals visiting the United States. This type of policy protects you from major and minor medical emergencies, accidents and illnesses during your travels.


Senior Travel Medical Insurance


Liaison® Silver is underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best. Seven Corners has enhanced the benefits of Liaison® Silver to address the travel concerns of the senior traveler. From benefits to include traveling grandchildren to prescription drug coordination services, Liaison® Silver offers the differences that matter when traveling. Coverage is available for a minimum of 5 days up to 12 months.

Worldwide Medical Insurance

Our worldwide medical insurance provides long-term health coverage for international citizens who want U.S.-style health insurance benefits but don't actually live in the United States. The plan will cover someone in their home country and protect them abroad. This program offers true, global protection for the international community. The primary advantage of this type of coverage is that the insured may travel to other countries to receive treatment.

Student Medical Insurance

Thousands of students and other educational professionals travel internationally each year. These travelers experience both the educational benefit and the thrill of studying outside of their native country. To protect against unforeseen events that could result in long-term financial hardship, Axess Pacific Insurance has established an insurance program to fit the needs of international students, teachers and faculty.


Inbound Immigrant Medical Insurance

Axess Pacific Insurance offers an affordable and comprehensive medical insurance program for new or recent immigrants to the United States. It provides up to five years of protection. This policy is ideal for immigrants who are not covered by employer sponsored or government funded programs, self-employed, in-between jobs or retired.


International Insurance Products

Atlas Travel Series - Short-term health insurance for individuals traveling outside their Home Country

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Atlas plan may be just what you're looking for. Plans are available from a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of one year. At no additional cost, the Atlas Series adds coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, Acts of Terrorism and Complications of Pregnancy.
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CitizenSecureSM - An international major-medical and term life insurance for individuals and families

CitizenSecureSM is available to individuals in locations around the world. The plan is annually renewable and offers comprehensive medical coverage worldwide. An option to exclude coverage within the US and Canada is available. Optional Dental, Term Life and AD&D are also available.
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CitizenSecureSM Economy
- Affordable international medical and term life insurance for individuals and families

CitizenSecureSM Economy is available to individuals in locations around the world and offers affordable worldwide coverage. With scheduled benefits, this plan is appropriate for those who need comprehensive coverage at a price to fit their budget’s needs. Optional Dental, Term Life and AD&D are also available.
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StudentSecureSM - Worldwide health coverage for students pursuing their education abroad

StudentSecureSM is designed specifically to meet the insurance needs of international students. Whether you are looking for individual coverage or coverage for the entire family, our Select and Budget options have the features you need. Each plan includes coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, Intercollegiate Sports, Acts of Terrorism and more!
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Atlas Group Series - Short-term international health insurance for 5 or more traveling abroad

The Atlas Group Series is tailored for groups of 5 or more US and non-US Citizens traveling outside their Home Country for 5 days up to one year. This plan is appropriate for missionaries, students and business executives features Emergency Medical Evacuation, coverage for Acts of Terrorism and Home Country Medical Coverage.
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Atlas Professional - International health coverage for executives taking multiple trips throughout the year

Atlas Professional is available to executives and their families who require a 12 month comprehensive medical policy with coverage for multiple trips of 30 days duration or less. If you maintain medical coverage in your home country, Atlas Professional is designed to take some of the risk out of your international business travel.
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IC+ International Term Life - Ten year term life insurance available to individuals outside of the US

Need long term international term life coverage? IC+ will cover you up to ten years while residing abroad. This life insurance plan is useful for individuals relocating abroad who require family, corporate or bank protections. Basic Life, Terminal Illness and Double Indemnity options are available to fit your needs.
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GroupSecureSM  - An international medical plan for 3 or more employees working abroad

Group rates, monthly payment options and life insurance all combine with quality medical insurance to deliver group coverage for US based organizations with employees overseas or non-US organizations employing expatriates, third country nationals or key local nationals.
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Domestic Insurance Products

The Amigo Medical Plan - Short-term temporary health insurance for individuals living in the US
The Amigo Short Term Medical Plan is an appropriate solution for individuals in need of temporary medical coverage. The Amigo Medical Plan is a short-term medical insurance plan that protects against unforeseen accidents and sicknesses, perfect for individuals between jobs, students, new employees waiting for coverage to begin, or any eligible person who is temporarily without health insurance coverage.
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