Immigrant Medical Insurance

Seven Corners offers an affordable and comprehensive medical insurance program for new or recent immigrants to the United States. It provides up to five years of protection. This policy is ideal for immigrants who are not covered by employer sponsored or government funded programs, self-employed, in-between jobs or retired.

Proper insurance coverage is necessary to protect immigrants from major and minor medical emergencies, accidents and illnesses while they are in the United States. This policy is available to non- U.S. citizens who come to the United States for business, pleasure, to study, or to immigrate. The program must become effective within 24 months of arrival in the United States.


Inbound Immigrant Medical Insurance

• Underwritten by the Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania

• Coverage period: up to 5 years

• Hospitalization

• Surgery

• Prescription drugs

• Ambulance service

• Dental treatment

• Doctor's visits

• Immediate coverage available

• Virtual ID cards available immediately after purchase

• Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

*See our Inbound Immigrant medical insurance brochure for full details and restrictions.